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Client Relationship Philosophy

At Hardesty Partners, the partner in this relationship is you. Successful partnerships are built on trust. As a client, you're putting a great deal of trust in me. To foster a successful partnership, I want you to get to know me and how I run my practice. In return, I want to know you, your plans, and your vision. The goal is that we both have an expectation of garnering value from this relationship. I attempt to continually add value through my 25+ years of experience,  good and proper investing advice, and being easily accessible to my clients.

Plan, Sign, Monitor

The planning process generally begins with identifying your goals for the money you are investing. Perhaps it is for your retirement, college expenses, or even to generate current income. In many of my client relationships, different accounts are attached to different goals. Once determined, we commit this to a document which both parties sign. This will be monitored over the years to determine if our plan still aligns with your goals and if your needs are being met. 

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